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    My Book 7 Story-(Written before books 6 & 7 were released.)

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    My Book 7 Story-(Written before books 6 & 7 were released.) Empty My Book 7 Story-(Written before books 6 & 7 were released.)

    Post by jimmieness on Tue Mar 03, 2009 11:32 pm

    Harry woke up in the Dursley household and it was still dark. What had woken him up? He put on his glasses and scanned the room. Hedwig was sleeping on his bookshelf and everything seemed to be in its place. He sat up and put on his slippers and padded to the door. He opened it quietly and listened. No. Everyone was asleep so it couldn't have been them that had made the sound. It had sounded like someone whispering his name.
    "HHHAAAARRRRRRRYYYYY." it had whispered.

    Harry didn't know what to make of it but he couldn't go back to sleep. He looked at his watch and smiled. Today was August 1st. He was going to leave the Dursley household today so why not get a jump on it anyway. He opened his trunk and started putting his things inside. Even though he wasn't going to go back to Hogwarts he was still excited to be leaving the Dursleys. After packing everything except the clothes he was wearing and the clothes he was going to change into he went into the bathroom and got ready. Bringing his pajamas and robe back from the bathroom he stuffed them into the top of his trunk. He walked over to Hedwig who had awoken when he turned on the light. She had watched him pack his things and was now getting impatient. He put out his arm and said, "Ready, girl?" She hooted softly and climbed onto his arm. He walked to the window and opened it.

    "You can fly for awhile and stretch your wings I don't know how long our trip is going to be." He lifted his arm out the window and Hedwig nibbled his finger and then took flight. He watched her white outline turn to black as she flew against the sky. I hope this day is going to be a good one. He thought and then closed the window. He made sure he had everything packed and then with a flick of his wand he said "Locomotor trunk" and it floated up into the air. Cringing inside and waiting to get in trouble a smile flitted across his face as he realized that he was 17 now and it didn't matter as long as no muggles saw him. He picked up his firebolt and headed out the door.
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    My Book 7 Story-(Written before books 6 & 7 were released.) Empty Re: My Book 7 Story-(Written before books 6 & 7 were released.)

    Post by jimmieness on Tue Mar 03, 2009 11:33 pm


    Harry walked as quietly down the stairs as he could. He was allowed to protect himself magically now but still preferred not to endanger himself with Vernon Dursley. He felt sure his uncle would be in his best mood later today however, as this was to be his last day living in this house. Finally here was something they both could agree upon. Neither one of them wanted Harry to live here anymore. Harry had honored Professor Dumbledore's wishes and gone back at the end of the last term. The Dursley's gave him the usual treatment. They treated him as if he didn't exist. Harry stayed in his room most of the time and moped around. Hedwig had been leaving for two or three days at a time now and when she came back she was tired so she would sleep alot. As Harry neared the kitchen he had a thought: Should I leave a note? It was the decent thing to do. Harry decided he would and made a detour in there. He sat down at the kitchen table and opened his trunk which was still floating at his side. He pulled out some parchment, his bottle of ink and a quill. Now how to put this. This was going to be hard to put in words on paper. Then he started to write.

    As you know today is to be my last day living in this house. This will be better for all of us. I am going to live in my godfather's house. Please don't try to find me. Aunt Petunia thank you for 16 years of protection. Uncle Dursley thank you for allowing it. Dudley, now you can have both bedrooms. All of you have a good life. Hedwig and I will be fine don't worry.

    At the mention of Hedwig a thought had sprung up into his mind. He had left her cage upstairs. He raised his wand and said softly "Accio, Hedwig's cage."
    Looking up the stairs he saw it come floating down the stairs. He put his bottle of ink and his quill back in his trunk and closed the lid and headed to the front door. He unlocked it and opened it quietly and then headed outside. As he walked down the driveway to the street he turned around and took one last look.

    "Good Riddance" he said and continued on.

    As he neared the corner he saw that Mrs. Figg's lights were on. That could be strange for her as it was only about 4am but he decided that since she was awake anyway he would go say goodbye. He walked up her driveway and knocked on her door. He heard a couple of meows and then a moment later some footsteps padding toward him. He smiled as she peeked through the little window beside the door. She opened the door.

    "Harry, is something wrong?" She asked concern all over her face.

    "No, Mrs. Figg. I just wanted to get an early start and since I saw your light on I decided to say goodbye. I won't be coming back anymore to the Dursleys." Harry said.

    "Please come in for a quick cup of tea then Harry." she said standing back so he could come in past her.

    "I'm sorry I can't but come to Diagon Alley once in a while and maybe we will run into one another. You can leave messages for me at Weasley's Wizarding Wheezes." Harry said. He watched as her eyes filled with tears.
    "Does this mean you can move now too?" he asked. Her face brightened at this prospect.

    "I guess it does I will look into it." she said with a smile. "I am so happy for you Harry you are a grown up wizard now and one of the strongest I have ever seen. Be careful against you-..."

    "Say his name Mrs. Figg, there isn't any sense in hiding it."

    "Voldemort." she said and then put her hand over her mouth her eyes widening. "Take care of yourself Harry." she gave him a one armed hug and hurried inside shutting the door behind her.

    "I will." he said quietly to the closed door. He walked a few steps away from her door and held out his wand. This time he made sure he was well off the street but of course with the Knight Bus that didn't matter.
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    My Book 7 Story-(Written before books 6 & 7 were released.) Empty Re: My Book 7 Story-(Written before books 6 & 7 were released.)

    Post by jimmieness on Tue Mar 03, 2009 11:35 pm

    Its developing a mind of its own now.


    As Harry waited for the violent purple bus he heard a noise above his head. A twittering sound and a mad flapping of wings. He looked up and smiled as pigwigeon hovered over him. He held out his free hand and pig landed in it.

    "Hey Pig. How are you? What have you brought for me?" Harry asked as he tried to calm Pig down. Harry finally got him calmed down enough to start untying the note from his leg as the Knight bus appeared. Stan was back working on the bus but had changed after his stay in Azkaban.

    "'ello, 'arry." he said and hopped down off the bus to help Harry get his trunk loaded on the bus.

    "Hello Stan how is business?" Harry asked. He noticed that Stan didn't have his pimples anymore and was about to say so when he noticed the haunted look in Stan's eyes. Stan didn't reply so Harry asked another question.

    "I just got this owl is it ok if I bring him on the bus with me while I try and get the message off him?" Harry asked hoping to get Stan to focus on his job.

    "Alright then." Stan answered, "just keep 'im under control 'e looks like a wild one that one does."

    "Yeah," Harry answered "he gets overexcited. As soon as I untie the note, I will let him out a window and he can go home."

    "Better not just keep him calm. An owl that size wouldn't be able to survive being thrown out of the window of the Knight bus unless its stopped." Stan said and collecting Harry's payment he asked, "Where to?"

    "Number 12 Grimmauld place London please." said Harry.

    "Right. Got that Ernie?" Stan called.

    "Got it." said Ernie and closed the door which Harry took as a signal to hold on.

    Once Harry had gotten settled and into the motion of the bus he untied the note from Pig.

    "Sit here and relax Pig." he said putting Pig in his lap. "I may have to send a reply." To his surprise Pig did exactly what he said. "Wow, Pig you are being so good I will have to tell them to give you an extra owl treat." Harry continued with a smile. Harry unrolled the note and read:


    Mom and dad have said its o.k. for you to come for the rest of the summer. If you want to come send Pig back with a response. Hermione will be coming also. Let me know one way or another.


    Harry thought for a minute. He loved everyone and everything in the Burrow. Why not?

    "Stan, can I change my location?" Harry called over the noise of the bus.

    "Sure, where to?" Stan called back.

    "The burrow. and can we stop for a minute so I can let the owl out with a reply?" Harry answered.

    "Don't bother we can be there before that tiny owl." Stan said laughing. At this Pig glared at Stan puffed himself up and took off for his face. Only Harry's quidditch reflexes saved Stan who didn't even realize what had been about to happen. Harry held tightly to Pig and put him close to his mouth so Pig would have to focus on what Harry was murmuring to him.

    "Calm down, Pig. You have a much more important job than he will ever have. And you are definitely better looking." Pig calmed down and Harry placed him back in his lap where Pig nibbled on Harry's pants. After a couple of stops the Knight bus had arrived at the Burrow and Harry and Pig got off. Stan was struggling with Harry's trunk and while he was working on that Harry told Pig to go get Ron. He didn't want to wake the whole family if he didn't have to. Pig flew up to Ron's window and pecked on it. After a minute or so the window opened and Pig flew in and then out and then in and then out and down to Harry.

    "Come back here you stupid owl!" Harry heard Ron call out in a loud stage whisper. "How do you expect me to get the message off?" Then Ron grinned as he stuck his head out the window and spotted the Knight bus and Harry standing in its headlights.

    "Harry! I'll be right down." He called.

    "Don't worry Ron, I will just come up there." Harry said. He turned around and said bye to Stan and Ernie then he got on his firebolt and trunk and cage at his side flew up to Ron's window.

    I will write more later.
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    My Book 7 Story-(Written before books 6 & 7 were released.) Empty Re: My Book 7 Story-(Written before books 6 & 7 were released.)

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    After some juggling of the trunk in different positions they finally managed to get it through Ron's window. After getting his things settled Ron turned to Harry and looked him up and down with a smile.

    "Its good to see you, Harry. You don't seem as mistreated as normal."

    "We came to an understanding. We agreed to act as if the others didn't exist." Harry told him.

    "Good enough then, are you tired? Mum will be up in a couple of hours making breakfast or we could go down now." Ron said.

    "I could do with a bite to eat. I'm not tired at all in fact you caught me on my way to Sirius' house." At the mention of Sirius' name Ron's face fell.

    "Are you sure you won't come back to Hogwarts, Harry?" Its only one more year and I know I still have a lot to learn." Ron said eyes on Harry's face for a reaction.

    "Yeah I've made up my mind Ron. I don't know why or how to explain it but I feel this is right. Maybe if I finish this quickly then I can join you there."

    "Finish this quickly? Harry listen to yourself. This isn't a potions essay we're talking about this is Voldemort." Ron said taking Hedwig's cage out of Harry's hand and putting it on a table. "Lets go downstairs and get something to eat." They headed downstairs and were surprised to find Mrs. Weasley already in the kitchen. She had obviously just gotten there and was tying on her apron as the boys came into the kitchen.

    "Morning mum." said Ron smiling as his mother turned around.

    "What are you doing up so-Harry!" she exclaimed and rushed forward to give him a hug. "How are you? I swear they don't feed you there but you still keep growing."

    "Good morning Mrs. Weasley." said Harry with a smile.

    "Ron, you didn't tell me he was coming today." she said turning back to her son.

    "I didn't-" Ron said at the same time as Harry said, "He didn't know Mrs. Weasley. I hope you don't mind."

    "Of course not dear you are always welcome here."

    "Thank you." Harry said.

    "Sit down and I will make some breakfast." she said.

    "Mum why are you up so early?" Ron asked.

    "Hermione and your brothers are all coming today and I have a lot of cooking to do." she said. Harry sat down at the table and looked around the kitchen. This was one of his favorite places in the world. His eyes fell on the clock on the wall. He checked to see where the hands for each member of the Weasley family were. All but three of the hands were on sleeping. Wondering who the third person was he got up and walked over to the clock. Ron and Mrs. Weasley watched him in silence. As he got closer he could see that there were now eleven hands on the clock. Eleven that didn't make sense there should be only nine. Who were the other two? Ron and Mrs. Weasley exchanged a quick smile but still said nothing. Harry couldn't believe his eyes. He could understand why Fleur Delacour had been added as she was marrying Bill but why this? Tears formed in his eyes and he couldn't help himself. Slowly with a shaking hand he reached up and felt the engraved word on the third person that was awake. Harry it said. Not Harry Potter. Just Harry as if there were no difference between him and the rest of the Weasley family.

    "Harry you're part of our family now." said a soft voice behind him. "They don't want you anymore and their protection is done. We love you and want you to stay a part of our family." Mrs. Weasley finished. Harry was frozen he couldn't have moved if he wanted to. This was what he had been craving for 16 years.

    "Harry you shouldn't be upset mate." Ron said misreading his stillness. "We understand if you want to go on your own." Harry was finally able to move and he turned to face them both.

    "I want to so much but I can't put your family in danger. I have to-" Harry started.

    "Our family, Harry, you are one of us now and we protect our own." said Mrs. Weasley.

    "But-" Harry tried again to speak.

    "Harry you know how mum is once she sets her mind on something." He smiled. "Welcome to the family." Harry decided he had no choice and since he wanted it so badly anyway he nodded his head at them both. Mrs. Weasley threw her arms around them both sobbing. Ron pulled away but Harry stayed right where he was. He hadn't felt this way in so long. Finally she pulled away and wiped her eyes on her apron. Shooing them back to the table she said, "Sit, sit I will make breakfast." Harry did as she said and sat back down while Ron went to get them all something to drink. Harry suddenly feeling sleepy propped his arm up on the table and rested his chin on his hand. Probably all the excitement he thought and fell asleep. Ron turned around with three drinks in his hands and looked to see Harry was asleep. He whispered, "Mum, look at Harry." She looked over and said, "Leave him be Ron, when your dad comes down he can take him upstairs."

    "Ok." Ron said taking the drinks to the table and setting them down quietly. He was getting ready to sit down when he heard a soft whirring noise.

    "Whats that noise?" he said and started trying to track it. As he came close to the stairs Arthur came down them.

    "Good morning R-"Arthur said but was stopped as Ron put a finger to his lips.

    "Shh. Dad, do you hear a whirring noise?" Ron asked quietly. All three of them listened for a moment.

    "Yes. What is that?" Arthur said. Mrs. Weasley suddenly gasped and when they looked at her she pointed at the clock. They looked at the clock they could see one of the hands was spinning so fast that it couldn't be read. Ron stepped closer to the clock and after checking all the hands said, "Its Harrys." then he turned to look at the kitchen table. Arthur looked there two and now saw Harry asleep at the table.

    "I didn't know Harry was here." he said.

    "He just got here about an hour ago." Ron answered. Arthur approached Harry by walking around the table and went to put his hand on him but stopped at another gasp from both Ron and Mrs. Weasley who were now facing Harry. Looking up he saw them both looking at Harry so he looked down too. Harry was now sitting up straight. That couldn't have frightened them he thought and walked back around the table. Harry's eyes were wide open but his face was blank.

    "Harry are you al-" Arthur started to say and was stopped when Harry started talking in a monotone.

    "The blinding beam of light that shines
    in every life is love
    Its the strongest force in the universe
    and isn't bound by blood
    It surpasses death and can heal
    all wounds eventually with time
    it costs nothing to give but having it
    makes you rich even without having a dime
    use it on your enemies and
    turn them into allies
    love makes a powerful weapon
    when handled by the hands of the wise."

    Finishing the last word, Harry's eyes closed and he slumped back down onto the table. Molly and Arthur looked at each other and then at Ron who was standing there with his mouth open. Then Arthur rushed back around the table and shook Harry gently. He got no response so he lifted Harry's head up off the table and bent it backwards. Except for the thin stream of blood coming from Harry's nose he looked like he was just asleep. "Harry, come on wake up." Arthur said tapping the flat of his hand against Harry's face. Harry slowly opened his eyes to find Arthur holding his head.

    "What happened?" he asked fear filling his voice.

    "Have you ever made predictions before, Harry?" Arthur asked releasing Harry's head so he could sit up.

    "No. Did I make one?"

    "Well, not exactly a prediction more of a poem but I have heard of other people doing that as a warning." Arthur said.

    "Really?" Harry said. "I guess its alright then." Harry said now reaching for the napkin that Mrs. Weasley was handing him. "Is my face dirty?" he asked her.

    "You have a nosebleed dear, maybe you hit it on the table when you went to sleep." she said.

    "I don't think-" Arthur started and stopped as Molly glared at him. Harry who had been wiping his nose totally missed the look but Ron didn't.

    "Harry maybe you should get some sleep after breakfast." he said.

    "Breakfast! Oh I forgot!" Molly said and rushed back over to the stove to start cooking. "I think thats a good idea Harry after breakfast its off to bed for you. Arthur will you help me?" she said and when he looked at her she crooked her head as if to say come here.

    "Sure." he said and went over to her side. Ron sat down next to Harry at the table.

    "You alright Harry?"

    "I guess so other than feeling a little tired I feel normal."

    "Has your scar been hurting at all?" Ron asked passing Harry some pumpkin juice.

    "No." Harry said taking the juice. "Snape said Voldemort has closed his mind to me. I don't miss it hurting and I certainly don't miss either of them." he finished and took a drink.

    "Either of who?" said Ginny coming down the stairs.

    "Morning, Ginny." Harry said smiling and feeling his pulse race. "Voldemort and Snape."

    "No I don't expect anyone misses them." she smiled and sat down stealing Ron's cup of juice.

    "Hey!" Ron said when he noticed. She just giggled and said "Morning Ron."

    "Morning." Ron said dully and got up to get some more juice for his mother and father. He looked over and saw them in a deep discussion so he didn't even ask them he just made it.

    "When did you get in Harry?" Ginny asked. Harry looked at his watch.

    "About an hour ago." he said.

    "Yeah, he came on the Knight Bus, I can't believe you stil take that thing Harry." Ron said.

    Harry smiled, "You get used to it, well kinda anyway." Mrs. Weasley came over holding two heaping plates of food and set them down between Harry and Ginny.

    "Ron, yours is coming right up. Harry after you eat its off to bed for you and no arguments." she said.

    "Thanks mum." Ron said.

    "Right." said Harry. He looked over at Ginny who was looking back at him strangely. When Mrs. Weasley had walked away she said,

    "Why does she want you to go to bed were you up all night?"

    "Uh...yeah. She caught me dozing at the table." Harry said looking at Ron who looked away from them both.

    "Here, Ron." said Molly and her and Arthur sat down and they all enjoyed breakfast. When Harry finished he excused himself and got up from the table, put his empty plate in the sink and turned around to face them.

    "Thanks Mrs. Weasley it was delicious." he said.

    "Call me Molly, Harry and its off to bed with you, now get." she replied smiling. They watched him go pausing by the clock and onc again touching the hand that said Harry which had stopped turning around. He went up the stairs and disappeared from view.

    "That was a really good idea, mum." Ginny said quietly.

    "Yeah hes always been fascinated with that thing." said Ron.

    Molly didn't say anything she just sat there looking at the empty stairwell with tears streaming down her face. When she didn't respond everyone looked at her.

    "Don't cry mum." said Ron.

    "Its ok Ron those are tears of joy now you two scoot along and don't bother him." said Arthur.

    "OK." They both said and getting up they left the kitchen. When they were out of earshot, Molly turned to Arthur.

    "What was that Arthur?"

    "I don't know honey, I haven't ever heard of such a thing before."

    "But, you said-"

    "That was so he wouldn't be frightened, Molly. I need to contact St. Mungo's and ask if anyone has ever heard of such a thing happening before." Arthur said looking tense.
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    My Book 7 Story-(Written before books 6 & 7 were released.) Empty Re: My Book 7 Story-(Written before books 6 & 7 were released.)

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    As Harry climbed the stairs he wondered what had happened. His nose wasn't sore so he knew he hadn't bumped it and why had Arthur been holdiing his head? He hadn't even seen him come in so how long had he been asleep? He knew he could get most of these answers from Ron but they would have to wait until he came upstairs. Harry reached Ron's room and went in. He decided some more sleep couldn't hurt so he walked over to his trunk and pulled out some pajamas. He looked at his watch and surprised himself. It was close to 7am. Was that all the time that had passed. He changed and then climbed in one of the beds and was pulling the covers up as Ron knocked on the closed door.

    "Come in." Harry called and Ron opened the door.

    "Good you're decent, we need to talk." Ron said coming in and closing the door behind him then going over and sitting on his own bed.

    "Yes we do." Harry said. "What happened?"

    "I was going to ask you that." said Ron.

    "I don't remember it but you do so lets see if we can work it out, Ron."

    "O.k. lets start right after mum told us to go sit down and she would fix breakfast." Ron said.

    "Alright, you're mum said go sit down and I did but you didn't you went to get drinks. Then I must have dozed off because that's all I remember until I woke up with your dad holding my head."

    "Yeah when I turned around with the drinks you were sleeping which I thought was weird because when you got here you said you weren't tired."

    "Yeah, I remember saying that. It is weird. When I first got here I was totally awake." Harry said.

    Ron continued, "So I bring the drinks to the table after telling mum to look at you sleeping and she said to let you sleep. When I set the drinks down I heard a weird noise. Like a whirring sound and I tried to find it. Then dad came downstairs and all three of us were looking."

    "What was it?" Harry asked.

    "The clock. Your hand was spinning around so fast it looked like a blur. So then I turned to look at you and then dad saw you and asked when you got in. So then he went to touch you from behind and you sat up straight eyes wide open and started saying stuff about love."

    "Love?" Harry interrupted his cheeks now flaming.

    "Yeah it was weird. We let you talk and when you were done your head just dropped back onto the table. Then dad tried to wake you by shaking you and got no response."

    "So that's why he was holding my head?"

    "Not until after he shook you. Then he pulled your head back and we all saw that your nose was bleeding and then he kinda smacked you on your face and thats when you came around." Ron finished.

    "I bet your mum was really worried. I should go apologize." Harry said starting to get out of bed.

    "And get your head bit off for not being in bed, I don't think so. You'd better sleep first and then you'll be free to ask questions."

    "Yeah I should, do you remember what I was saying about love, Ron?" Harry said hoping he hadn't said anything about Ginny.

    "Ummm. Mum and dad probably remember better but I do remember you said something to the effect of love can be a weapon when used by wise people or something like that. Does that sound like a poem you've read before because it was definitely in poem form.?"

    "No.I don't read poetry." Harry said thoughtfully.

    "Well, Harry, I am going to leave you alone so you can get some rest. You'd better sleep too or mum will know. Somehow she always finds out." Ron said.

    "Ok Ron-Thank you."

    "For what?"

    "For being my friend. For not getting mad at all the weird things I do, for accepting me into your family, for-"

    "Harry." Ron interrupted.

    "What?" Harry asked.

    "Shut up and go to sleep." Ron said grinning. He walked over to Harry and put his hand on Harry's shoulder pushing him back onto the pillow. "I would suggest even if you don't sleep to stay in here for at least three hours."

    "I will." Harry promised.

    "Right. I'll shut the door on my way out." Ron said leaving the room. Harry lay there and stared at the ceiling for a few minutes then he sighed, took off his glasses and put hem on the little table next to the bed, rubbed his eyes and lay back down again feeling his muscles relax. His body was relaxing but his brain was still a little behind. Thoughts kept running through his head especially of Ginny. Did anyone notice how they still acted toward each other? He wanted to kiss her so bad but he wanted her to be safe too and how could he do both. He didn't want anyone else to die especially for him. He would have to distance himself to keep them safe. As he was thinking these thoughts he dropped into a troubled yet refreshing sleep. He awoke hours later to the sound of three loud cracks. That was someone apparating or disapparating! He reached over and put on his glasses and looked at his watch. It was noon! He had had a good sleep and now felt much better. He got up and walked to the window and looked down into the garden just in time to see an orange blur come bolting in and start chasing the garden gnomes. He opened the window and he could hear them giggling maniacally as Crookshanks chased them. Crookshanks meant Hermione was here but who were the other two? He got dressed quickly and went downstairs to the kitchen. When he got down there he spotted Fred, George and Hermione at the table with Mr. Weasley. Mrs. Weasley was at the sink.

    "Hi." he said walking into the kitchen. "Hi." they all answered back.

    "Well you don't look that bad from being at the Dursley's." said Hermione with a smile.

    "Ah the Dursley household." said Fred pretending to have fond memories of it.

    "Speaking of Dursley's how is Dudley?" George said with an evil grin on his face.

    Harry sat down at the table returning George's evil grin "He is just as Dudley as ever. My stay there this time was the best so far, we just ignored each other." This comment caused Mrs. Weasley to shake her head in disgust but she didn't say anything. Mr. Weasley was having trouble holding in a laugh but covered it with a cough.

    "Thats great, Harry, you finally learned how to manage those people." Hermione said.

    "Yeah, just in time to leave them forever." Harry said wryly. The twins and Mr. Weasley all laughed at this remark. Mrs. Weasley turned from the sink and put her hands on her hips, "Fred, George please go get Ron and Ginny." she said and they both immediately got up knowing what would happen if they didn't.

    "Where are they anyway?" Harry asked.

    "They are out setting up tables and chairs and getting ready for Bill and Charlie to get here." she said.

    "Bill and Charlie are coming too?" Harry asked with a smile.

    "What about-" Hermione started but stopped when Mr. Weasley gave her a look that said stop now! "uh.. dinner. Do you need some help Mrs. Weasley?" she finished and saw the relief pass over Mr. Weasley's face at her save.

    "No dear you just enjoy yourself unless you don't mind setting the table." said Mrs. Weasley who had totally missed everything that had just passed between Hermione and Mr. Weasley.

    "Ok. Harry you want to help me?" Hermione said getting up from the table and nodding her head towards the door.

    "Sure." he said and went to get a stack of plates that were waiting by the sink. Hermione grabbed the silverware that was next to the plates and they headed out the door.

    "What are we gathering for anyway?" Harry asked Hermione as they headed for the tables that were already set up.

    "You don't know?" Hermione asked.

    "No. I got here early this morning after getting an invitation from Ron to spend the summer. Then I had..uh..breakfast and went back to sleep. I don't know whats going on." Harry replied.

    "Oh. Well we are celebrating a birthday of a member of the Weasley family." she said and sped up to reach the table. Harry followed her and set the stack of plates down just as three more cracks were heard. They both turned to see Bill, Charlie and Fleur come around the corner. Bill and Fleur were holding hands. Charlie called out, "Harry, Hermione how are you?". Ginny and Ron and the twins came around the corner levitating chairs for them to sit on. When Ginny saw who had arrived she started to run towards them the chairs flying along beside her. She pointed her wand carelessly at the table and the chairs flew into place.

    "Charlie, Bill!" she said throwing herself at Charlie who caught her and said "Hi Munchkin." Ginny went and got hugs from Bill and Fleur. Fleur was excited and said.

    "Izn't zis exziting, I lov partiez." So everyone else knew but me? Harry thought but then he chastised himself, they didn't know I was coming so why would they tell me.

    "Who's birthday are we celebrating?" he asked looking around the group.

    "You've got to be kidding us, Harry, you don't know?" said George.

    "Harry do you know anyone who's had a birthday lately?" chimed in Fred. Ginny just giggled.

    "Well I don't know when all your birthdays are. I mean mine was yester-" he paused "day. Its my party?" he asked looking incredulous.

    "Yes, you dolt." said Ron.

    "Its also a welcome to the family party, Harry." Bill said.

    "Too bad the whole family isn't here to celebrate. Percy is still being Percy and I don't think mum and dad have forgiven him for it." Charlie said as two more cracks rent the air. Tonks and Lupin came strolling around the corner of the house hand in hand. Tonks hair was a very bright shade of pink and Lupin didn't look as shabby as usual. Hermione smiled.

    "I am so happy for you two." she said as they came walking up to the group.

    "Me too." Harry said.

    "Wotcher, Harry." Tonks said with a smile. Lupin was just taking everyone in and hadn't said a word, but he looked happy.

    "I suppose you are here for my party as well." said Harry and they both nodded. "I think its funny how no one told me." He said.

    "Its called a SURPRISE party, Harry." said George.

    "Hence the word surprise." Fred added with a grin. At this everyone laughed even Harry. Mr. and Mrs. Weasley came out of the house then and after greeting all the newcomers they all went to sit at the table. As they all got settled there were a series of pops from around the corner. Harry turned his head to look wondering who this could be and was almost knocked off his seat by a three foot blur.

    "Harry Potter!" Dobby squealed. "Dobby has brought Harry Potter his present."

    "You brought me a present, Dobby. How did you know?" Harry said as he noticed the puzzled faces of everyone there.

    "Dobby has friends that work in the Ministry of Magic and Dobby's friends know that Dobby wants to know everything about Harry Potter so Dobby's friends tell him what Mr. Wheezy says about a party for Harry Potter."

    "What Mr. Wheezy, oh you mean Mr. Weasley. Who are your friends, Dobby?" said Harry pointing to the huddled group of scared looking house elves standing back by the house.

    "They is from Hogwarts and the Ministry of Magic, Harry Potter and they is here because they and Dobby have made Harry Potter a present and they and Dobby wanted to see Harry Potter when Harry Potter is told about his present." Harry looked at Mrs. Weasley who shrugged her shoulders at this.

    "What present Dobby?" he asked.

    "Dobby and his friends know what happened when Harry Potter was a baby. Dobby knows that he who must not be named killed Harry's parents and then tried to kill Harry Potter and that Harry Potter lived. Dobby told his friends what can Dobby give to Harry Potter on this special birthday and together Dobby and his friends had great idea. Dobby and his friends have given Harry Potter back his house. Dobby wishes that Dobby could give Harry Potter back his parents but Dobby cannot. Harry Potter's house is in Godric's Hollow and has been made new for Harry Potter to live in. Harry Potter won't have to live with the bad muggles anymore." This was met with silence from everyone. Then Harry spoke up.

    "Thank you, Dobby and thank you Dobby's friends. I don't think I will ever be able to repay you."

    "Harry Potter has already saved everyone. Harry Potter must not be concerned with repayment. Happy birthday Harry Potter and goodbye." He walked over to the group of house elves who all bowed or curtsied to the group and they all disapparated.

    "Wow, Harry." said Ron.

    "Yeah." Harry said unable to say more at the moment.

    "Lets eat." said Mrs. Weasley breaking the silence. Floating plates of food came from the kitchen and they all ate until they were stuffed and talked merrily. After it had started to get dark, Charlie conjured up a dancefloor. Mr. and Mrs. Weasley were the first ones on followed closely by Bill and Fleur. Harry turned to Ginny. "Ginny, will you dance with me?" he said petrified she would say no.

    "Yes." she said and took his hand. Tonks and Remus followed them which left Fred, George, Ron, Hermione and Charlie.

    "How about a dance, Hermione?" Fred asked her. Ron was shocked.

    "Sure." Hermione said and off they went. Throughout the night everyone got a chance to dance. Finally when Charlie announced the last song as everyone was getting tired Hermione walked up to Ron.

    "Ron, will you dance the last dance with me?" Hermione asked him her eyes luminous.

    "I would love that." he said and taking her hand they stepped onto the dance floor. Harry who was back dancing with Ginny watched them approach and smiled.

    "This has been one of the best days of my life." He told Ginny. She just smiled up at him. The music ended and Mrs. Weasley shooed them inside so Harry could open his presents. After that they all went to bed. As Harry was getting ready for bed, Hedwig came soaring in the window. She settled herself on the desk and Harry said softly "Goodnight, girl." She gave a soft hoot in response and Harry lay back and went to sleep still with the smile on his face.
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    My Book 7 Story-(Written before books 6 & 7 were released.) Empty Re: My Book 7 Story-(Written before books 6 & 7 were released.)

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    Harry woke up the following morning to see the sun shining brightly through Ron's window. He stretched and reached for his glasses and heard the sound of voices coming from outside the window.

    "Oy, Ron, I can't believe you saved that." Fred yelled.

    "Thanks." Ron yelled back. Harry stuck his head out the window.

    "Hey have you got room for one more player?" he yelled out and saw Ron floating on his broom turn toward the window.

    "Morning, Harry come on out." Ron yelled.

    "Yeah Harry come on." Fred put in. Harry dressed as fast as he could and ran down the stairs, into the kitchen and out into the yard. George met him at the door with Harry's broom in his hand.

    "I got it out of the shed for you."

    "Thanks George, how much longer are you two going to be here?"

    "We go back tomorrow. Thought we'd get in a game of quidditch with Ron while we could." George said. Both of them mounted their brooms and were soon engrossed in the game stopping long enough to eat lunch. After they finished the game they all put their brooms away and then trooped into the kitchen.

    "Boys dinner will be ready soon so please get cleaned up." Mrs. Weasley said.

    "Yes mum." said Ron and the twins.

    "Yes Mrs., uh Molly." Harry said looking at her face glow. They all went and got cleaned up and then came back downstairs. During dinner the conversation steered onto the house that Dobby and his friends had rebuilt for Harry.

    "I would like it if you all would go with me to see it." Harry said. They all agreed and decided to go two weeks later when Mr. Weasley had some time off.

    "If its okay I need to go to Diagon Alley tomorrow to replenish some of my supplies. The Dursley's wouldn't let me go."

    "Certainly Harry and Ron can go with you to keep you company." said Mrs. Weasley.

    "Mum, can I go to I need some new quills?" Ginny asked.

    "As long as you stay with Ron and Harry it should be fine. In fact why don't you three go when Fred and George go back to work. Less for me to worry about."

    "Mum, we were going to apparate." George complained.

    "Well, now you're going to use floo powder." she said with a note of finality. The twins knew better than to argue with her on this matter so they were quiet and just accepted it. Harry smiled inwardly. He had a plan and part of it had just worked. He wanted to surprise the Weasley's as they had done to him. After dinner they went to bed. The next morning they all ate breakfast and then the twins, Ron, Harry and Ginny approached the fireplace. Mrs. Weasley held out the container of floo powder and they all went to Diagon Alley. Harry was still not used to floo powder but at least he landed on his feet this time.

    "Where should we start?" Ron asked after they had all arrived.

    "Well, we got you guys here and now we're going to go to our shop. When you are ready to go home come to the shop and use our fireplace to get back to the burrow." George said.

    "You guys really need to learn how to apparte." Fred said. "Ginny, I know you aren't old enough but you two have already had lessons."

    "Don't be rude, Fred, Harry just turned 17 and he couldn't take the test before then anyway." Ginny said.

    "Hey what are you trying to say?" said Ron angrily. "Charlie had to take his test twice so I'm not doing that bad."

    "Cool it you guys. Ron and I will take another set of lessons and then see if we can't pass." said Harry.

    "Well, I'm off to the shop. Coming Fred?" said George and he walked away.

    "The sooner you all learn the better. Mum has to be constantly on the alert for you and if you can apparate then she won't worry so much." said Fred. "I'm going too. See you guys later." Ron was fuming.

    "I can't believe they just said that!" he said.

    "What they said makes sense, Ron. As much trouble as we wind up getting into it makes sense to be able to apparate out to save ourselves. Lets go I need to get some floo powder for your mum." Harry said. Ron and Ginny followed him. They found the shop and Harry bought the biggest container he could find.

    "What are you doing Harry?" said Ginny when she saw how much Harry had bought.

    "I'm buying floo powder for my family." Harry said with a smile. He looked around and saw that Ron was over looking at a display case. "I'm really glad you came, Ginny. I'm sorry about breaking up with you."

    "Really?" she said blushing. "Harry I wouldn't mind us getting back together and I know that you were just doing it to protect me, but think about it. With Dumbledore gone who is the next person that Voldemort is afraid of? Its you Harry so I figure I am safest around you." Harry was stunned. Then he smiled.

    "I think that makes perfect sense." he said and leaning over gave Ginny a quick kiss.
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    Ron's eyes widened as his focus went from the items in the display case to the glass where he saw the reflection of Harry and Ginny kissing. Then he smiled. This was good for both of them. Harry wasn't as stressed and Ginny wasn't as mean. Yes, this would definitely be an improvement. He waited for a moment after the kiss ended then turned around like he hadn't seen anything.

    "You guys ready?" he asked and when they said yes they all headed for the twin's shop. When they got there they found the twins were very busy so they just waved to them and headed into the back room to use the fireplace. Back in the burrow, Mrs. Weasley met them in the kitchen.

    "What have you got there Harry?" she asked noticing the large wrapped bundle.

    "This is our fresh supply of floo powder. I want us all to be able to travel together as a family so I bought it for us." Harry said.

    Mrs. Weasley was quiet for a second in which Ron cringed inside. How would she take it? However, she just smiled and then said, "You had a letter while you were gone Harry." pulling an envelope out of her apron pocket.

    "A letter? From who?" Harry took the envelope and looked at it. It was from Hogwarts. He gently tore it open and read:

    Dear Mr. Potter,

    This letter is to inform you that there was an attack on the Dursley household this morning. Their house was completely destroyed but through events unknown none of the family was severly hurt. Because the events are suspicious, I feel that it is best if the bond of protection that you share with the Dursley family be renewed. The muggle world is now convinced that all three Dursleys perished in the explosion. Therefore it is necessary that the Dursley family be brought into the wizarding world. They will be arriving at your location at 2pm this afternoon. I feel that a week's stay should be enough to renew the protection bond and give time for other circumstances to be arranged.

    Minerva Mcgonagall
    Headmistress, Hogwarts Academy

    "At 2pm?" Harry gasped and looked at his watch. It was 1:45pm. "That only gives us 15 minutes."

    "What is it Harry?" asked Ron. The look on Harry's face was terrible.

    "What's happening at 2pm?" asked Ginny while Mrs. Weasley took the letter from Harry and began reading it.

    "The Dursleys are coming to stay with me for at least a week." Harry said a look of horror on his face. "I guess that means I will be going to the house in Godric's Hollow faster than I thought."

    "Harry, you are not facing that family alone again. No, you are staying here and they can just stay here with all of us."

    "But mum you don't know what they are like. When the twins and I went to get Harry, Mr. Dursley didn't want to let Harry go they were keeping him prisoner." said Ron.

    "Ronald Weasley is there some reason you have for thinking that I am unable to handle a muggle family living with us for a week. Did I not have seven magical children all under my roof at one time, two of which are Fred and George?" she countered.

    "Thats true enough." giggled Ginny. "After Fred and George, the Dursleys should be a snap."

    "Well thats settled then." Mrs. Weasley said with a note of finality. Just then the Knight Bus pulled up out front. All of them went to the door in time to see all three Dursleys practically thrown off the bus by Stan Shunpike.

    "Thanks for riding the Knight Bus." he said through gritted teeth and threw himself back inside. The Knight Bus screamed away as if hoping by going fast the Dursleys couldn't get back on.

    "They're here." Harry said dully.

    "Lets go welcome them." said Mrs. Weasley and forced the three of them through the door ahead of her. They walked over to the Dursley family who were staring wildly around. "Hello. Welcome to the Burrow." said Mrs. Weasley holding out her hand. There was a moment of silence and then Petunia spoke.

    "T-Thank you." she said and took Mrs. Weasley's hand and shook it. Harry was astounded.
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    My Book 7 Story-(Written before books 6 & 7 were released.) Empty Re: My Book 7 Story-(Written before books 6 & 7 were released.)

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    Dudley, Vernon and Petunia now looked wildly around for something normal to latch onto. The first thing they spotted was Harry.

    "This was all your fault boy! Do you have any idea what happened to us? We could all have been killed!" snapped Uncle Vernon getting right in Harry's face and already turning purple. Suddenly he was faced with four wands pointing at him.

    "Mr. Dursley, I will thank you to very kindly stop threatening Harry right now. You are no longer in your house you are in mine!" said Mrs. Weasley. Harry was shocked to see her color rivaled Vernon at his best. Vernon however was now turning a sickly pale green in the face. He backed away from Harry and apologized, "Sorry." was all he said.

    "Very good now I think we should all go inside and get settled and then we can find out what happened to you." Mrs. Weasley said to the Dursley family. "Petunia please come inside." she ushered everyone into the house. Once they were all settled at the table she went to make tea for all of them. While she was making the tea, the Dursleys stared around the room at all the magical items. Harry watched them fearfully hoping they wouldn't do or say anything bad to the Weasley family. Mrs. Weasley sent the cups flying over and Petunia bit back a screech as her cup skidded to a stop in front of her. Mrs. Weasley cam and sat down at the table.

    "Okay now lets try and be calm and then you can tell us what happened. We didn't know anything was wrong until fifteen minutes before you got here. Petunia why don't you start?" Petunia who had picked up her cup of tea and taken a sip now swallowed, paused and then tried to gather her thoughts.

    "Well," she started "after Harry left we tried to get our lives back to normal. Then yesterday I noticed some strange things starting to happen. I noticed a person walking past the house wearing a cloak. Yesterday was hot remember Vernon?" He nodded so she continued. "I knew they had no business being there because it wasn't any of the neighbors, I know all of them."

    "She does." Dudley spoke up and then shut his mouth with a clamp when Ron and Ginny turned to look at him.

    "So after that I was keeping a close watch and I heard two of those loud cracks. You know the ones I'm talking about don't you Harry?" she asked.

    "Yes that was someone apparating or disapparating. Go on Aunt Petunia." he said.

    "I was getting scared by now so when a pounding started on the front door I grabbed Vernon and Dudley and we all ran into the backyard. Suddenly they were there with us so we ran back inside and they started to blow things up with their wands."

    "What did they look like?" Ron asked.

    "They had black robes and hoods so I don't know but they said we were all going to die. So Vernon yelled at us to go upstairs so we ran to your old bedroom, Harry, and slammed the door shut behind us. They ran after us but once they got there they couldn't get through the door. I heard one of them try to grab the doorknob and it turned a glowing red color and they started screaming so I assume it burned them. I heard them run down the stairs and then Dudley who was behind me yelled and when I turned around there was another one floating outside the window on a broomstick. He tried to break the window by throwing a large rock but it just bounced off the glass. Then he pulled out a wand like yours and a jet of green light came from it. When it hit the window there was a loud bang and a bright white flash of light and he was thrown into the Taylor's backyard."

    "Wow that's two houses down from there." Harry said.

    "So after he landed the whole house started shaking and then it exploded. Next thing I know I am laying in the grass in the backyard. When I looked around Dudley and Vernon were there with me and none of us were even scratched." she picked up her teacup with a shaking hand and tried to take a drink. Vernon seeing how much she was shaking decided to take over the story.

    "Then some of your people came and said they were going to take us into protective custody and said we had been attacked by death feeders and we were lucky to be alive."

    "Could that be death eaters?" Ginny asked him.

    "Yes that was it." he said. Ron rolled his eyes at Harry who hid a smirk by coughing.

    "So what exactly are these death eagers?" Vernon asked.

    "Death EATERS are the followers of Voldemort." Harry said.

    "Oh him." Vernon said, "You haven't got rid of him yet?"

    "No. Not yet." Ron said "We're working on it though."

    Dudley who had seemed to recover a little now spoke up. "The people that came to get us made us get on a horrible purple bus. It was one of the worst things I have ever had to do. There was even a shrunken head hanging from the rearview mirror and it talked to us! I thought mum was going to lose it at that point." Petunia nodded at this but didn't say anything.

    "Well, I have to agree with you about that Dudley, I can't stand the Knight Bus either." Ron said actually going a little pale just from the thought of the Knight Bus. Ginny giggled at this.

    "Arthur should be coming home from work soon." Mrs. Weasley said looking over at the clock hanging on the wall. "I will start dinner how does beef wellington, yorkshire pudding and mince pie sound?"

    "That sounds wonderful, Mrs. Weasley." said Dudley and Harry's hopes rose at the thought that this might not be as bad as he thought.
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    "Alright then while I am cooking why don't you two take the Dursley's upstairs and show them Bill's and Charlie's room." Mrs. Weasley said to Ron and Ginny. So everyone got up from the table and went upstairs. Ginny was leading them and Harry and Ron were following behind. Harry watched as Petunia tried to wipe some grass stains off Dudley's back as they walked. He pulled Ron toward him as they walked.

    "They don't have anything except what they are wearing. If I can go to Gringotts I can get them some new clothes and toiletries." Harry whispered to Ron.

    "That would be nice Harry" said Ron "why don't you ask mum and dad first though some of our relatives may have what they need. Plus I don't think you are supposed to be separated from the Dursley family while they are here." After they had shown the bedrooms to the Dursley family, Harry asked to speak to them alone. Ron and Ginny excused themselves and left the room. Harry asked them all to sit on the bed and he went and got the chair from the desk and turned it around to face the bed and sat down on it.

    "I'm not exactly sure why you survived, but let me say that I am glad that none of you were hurt. It sounds like they may have been after me and you were just in the way. I also know that none of you want to be here in the magical world and-"

    "Harry, what kind of magic did you put on your room? How come they couldn't get us?" Petunia interrupted him.

    "I didn't put any put any spells on my rooom and I don't know why they couldn't hurt you. The only thing I can think of is the blood bond between you and I Aunt Petunia because my mother died to protect me and that power is still in me. At least that is what Professor Dumble-" he paused and took a deep breath "what Professor Dumbledore told me."

    "Who is Professor Dumbledore?" Dudley asked.

    Harry swallowed. "He was the Headmaster of Hogwarts, he was murdered last term by a death eater."

    "Those things that attacked us?" Vernon said in disgust "Wouldn't the Headmaster know how to protect himself?"

    "Yes, but he was betrayed by a former teacher. I really don't want to talk about it okay? I already have a hard enough time with the memory of seeing it happen." Harry said with a note of finality. There was a short silence and then he continued. "The reason I asked to talk to you alone is because I know you don't have anything except what you are wearing now and while I am going to get you new clothes they most likely won't be what you are used to wearing. I don't think I will be able to get some of those types of clothes quickly as they just don't sell them here."

    "But Harry how will you pay for them?" Petunia asked.

    "Mum and dad left me some money when they died. I will have to ask for permission to go buy them though." Harry said. "Maybe if I give someone your sizes and money they could get them for us."

    "Why can't you just go where you want here Harry?" Dudley asked.

    "Because Voldemort is still after me. Normally I can but I usually travel with other wizards or witches." Harry answered. So they gave him their clothes sizes and then they all headed back downstairs. By this time, Arthur Weasley had come home and been told that the Dursley family was staying with them.

    "Thats wonderful now I can study muggles in my own house." he said.

    "Arthur Weasley don't you dare tell them you are studying them!" said Mrs. Weasley. Both of them heard the sound of them coming down the stairs so she lowered her voice and said, "Just pretend they are a regular family." Arthur nodded but didn't say anything as he watched them come into the kitchen.

    "Mrs. uh Molly I was wondering if it would be possible to get my aunt, uncle and cousin some norm- uh muggle clothing if I were to give someone money and their clothes sizes?" Harry asked as he stepped down into the kitchen.

    "Oh I'm sorry, I didn't even think about that of course we can. Arthur who do you think would be good at buying muggle clothing?" Mrs. Weasley said looking at her husband.

    "Well actually," Harry said, "I was thinking that maybe Hermione and her parents could do it. But I have to get her the money first."

    "I can get your money for you Harry and then we can send it to Hermione or we can have her come here and get it." Arthur said. "She would know everything you need. But seeing as how they can't go back to the muggle world they should get used to-" he stopped as Mrs. Weasley nudged him in the ribs. Thinking that she wanted him to talk to the Dursleys instead of about them he rephrased it. "Uh. Sorry, I mean you should get used to-" this time it was a look from Harry that stopped him. "Nevermind." he said and shut his mouth.

    "Get used to what?" Vernon said starting to turn red in the face.

    Arthur decided to just get it over with. "Get used to acting and dressing like you are from the wizarding world." he finished.

    "And why would we do that?" Vernon asked angrily now turning purple.

    "Because you can't go back." Arthur said and Harry winced. Ron and Ginny who had just come down the stairs were behind everyone and watched as Harry started to back away from Vernon.


    "The stay with us is temporary Mr. Dursley the stay in the wizarding world is not. According to the note Harry got today the people in your neighborhood think you all died in the explosion." Mrs. Weasley said trying to calm him down.

    "They think we died? But what about my boxing championship?" wailed Dudley. Ron and Ginny stepped off the final step. Ron walked past Harry but when Ginny tried Harry grabbed her arm. She looked up into his face and saw fear there. He didn't say anything he just shook his head telling her not to go any further into the kitchen.

    "What about Marge?!?" Vernon gasped.

    "Most likely she will think the same thing Uncle Vernon." Harry said still staying back from him. Vernon rounded on Harry who thrust Ginny behind him.

    "I CAN'T EVER SEE MY SISTER AGAIN? I AM SUPPOSED TO LEARN TO LIVE HERE? WHY DID YOU DO IT BOY?" Suddenly Vernon collapsed to the floor. Harry and Ginny looked up from him to see Mrs. Weasley standing there holding her wand. Petunia ran over to Vernon and knelt beside him.

    "WHAT DID YOU DO TO MY HUSBAND?" she yelled at Mrs. Weasley.

    "I stupefied him! That is the second time he has tried to attack a member of my family and I won't stand for it!" Mrs. Weasley answered her face almost as red as her hair.

    "The second time?" Arthur asked quickly. "You didn't say anything-"

    "There wasn't time before. Now I suggest to you Mrs. Dursley that you control your husband or I will keep him this way the entire week that you are with our family. Is that understood?"

    "Yes. I will do my best." Petunia said quietly. Mrs. Weasley nodded and brought Vernon around.

    "Who did he go after before?" Arthur asked quietly.

    "Harry." Ron answered him. Harry walked over to Vernon and pulled his wand out of his pocket and pointed it at him.

    "Uncle Vernon I know how to do what Mrs. Weasley just did to you and if you every try something like that on me again I will use it. Now before you get up you need to answer a question."

    Vernon stopped trying to get up and said, "What?" fearfully.

    "What did you mean when you said 'why did you do it boy?'" Harry asked.

    "I'm sorry, I should never have said that." Vernon answered him.

    "What did you mean?" Harry repeated fiercly and Vernon eyed the wand pointed at him then hung his head.

    "I meant why did you survive?" he said.
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    My Book 7 Story-(Written before books 6 & 7 were released.) Empty Re: My Book 7 Story-(Written before books 6 & 7 were released.)

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    CHAPTER 10

    Everyone froze. Then Harry said, "I wish I hadn't." and ran outside. There was an uproar. Ginny launched herself at Vernon but Ron caught her from behind and held her. Petunia smacked Vernon across the face and said, "How could you. He is still my nephew." Then she ran out after Harry. Mrs. Weasley was sobbing in Mr. Weasley's arms.

    "Ginny stop it!" Ron said still holding her.

    "Let me go he needs me!" Ginny growled.

    "No. Give them some time." Ron marched her over to a window so they could see out. "Look. Do you see what I mean?" he said. Ginny looked and she could see Harry and Petunia sitting on a bench outside talking.

    "Alright. Let me go." she said. Ron let go of her.

    Outside at last Harry ran to a bench and sat down. Tears streaming down his face he mumbled to himself, "I really wished I hadn't."

    "Harry" said Petunia coming up behind him and then coming around the bench to sit down with him.

    "I wish I hadn't survived Aunt Petunia. All I've done is make a mess of your lives and if it weren't for me my godfather, Dumbledore and even Cedric Diggory would still be alive." he sobbed trying to wipe the tears off his face.

    "Harry, please-" she started but he interrupted her.

    "If I hadn't been born then my parents would still be alive." he said and shivered.

    "Harry listen to me." Petunia said, "Think about it. If you hadn't been born then Voldemort would be in full power now. Not only would L-Lily and James have died but a lot more people as well. Do you remember any of your early years growing up at our house?" she asked

    "Some of it why?" Harry asked and shivered again.

    "When I found you on our doorstep I hadn't even spoken to Lily in a couple of years. Not since she told me she was getting married to James Potter as a matter of fact. I was so jealous and angry that I told her I didn't want to be her sister anymore and not to contact me again. I didn't hear from her again until I got a note saying you had been born and how you were doing. She told me in the note that she would understand if I didn't respond. I never did. Then that morning when I opened the door and saw you laying there asleep I knew right away that something had happened even before I read the note that Dumbledore left with you. I was plagued by guilt, Harry especially when I looked in your eyes.

    "Everyone tells me I have her eyes." Harry said.

    "You do and I had to live with a baby that kept crying for his mother and father, who couldn't understand that they were gone. I had to face her eyes everytime I looked at you and all I kept remembering was the last thing I said to her was I don't want to be your sister anymore. And the horrible way she died, Harry. It was almost too much at first." she finished and hugged herself.

    "Why didn't you tell me when I was older then?" he asked his hair ruffled in a cool breeze.

    "The letter from Dumbledore said to keep you at our house until you could go off to Hogwarts. He said it was to keep you safe so I figured that if you had to be with us to be safe then this place," she gestured around her, "still was dangerous. You were all I had left of my sister and I didn't want you killed also.

    "Aunt Petunia we need to go back inside." Harry said.

    "I'm not finished with what I need to tell you." she said. Harry stood up the breeze was now really strong.

    "Go inside now Aunt Petunia something isn't right." Harry said frantically. She looked at him and suddenly everything went dark and cold.

    "Harry what are you doing?!?" Petunia asked fearfully.

    "Its not me go back inside!"

    "I can't see anything how am I supposed to get there?" she said now starting to panic.

    "Lumos." Harry said and the tip of his wand lit up. He pointed it at the house and said, "Go. Hurry!"

    Petunia ran in the direction he had pointed hoping he was right as she couldn't see anything, "VERNON HELP ME! VERNON!" she yelled. A beam of red light struck her chest area and bounced off. "VERNON!" she screamed again and heard a door open in front of her and Vernon yelled for her to follow the sound. From behind her she heard Harry yell.

    "EXPECTO PATRONUM!" she didn't know what happened but she could finally see. She flung herself inside the kitchen and passed Arthur Weasley on his way out the door. She ran to Vernon and hugged him frantically.

    "Harry!" Arthur yelled, "Harry get in here!" He saw something then that he had never seen before and never wanted to see again. Harry was surrounded by dementors and out of three different directions red beams of light hit Harry squarely in the chest. They bounced off harmlessly but Harry's patronus who had been attacking dementors suddenly turned and charged him. Harry yelled in pain as the stag pierced him with its antlers and lifted him up in the air. The stag came galloping toward the kitchen.

    Mrs. Weasley who had been looking out the window screamed, "Arthur what is it doing?!?" As the stag got withing a five foot distance from Arthur it skidded to a stop and Harry came flying through the air like a rag doll right at Arthur. Arthur instinctively caught him and they both fell backwards into the kitchen. Molly, Ginny and Petunia all screamed and then the kitchen door slammed shut of its own accord. Ron who was still by the window watched the stag run up the side of the house and then a huge white bubble formed all the way around it.

    "Molly get some chocolate!" Arthur said now looking down at Harry who was shivering uncontrollably and mumbling to himself. "Harry can you hear me?" he asked. Harry didn't respond. "Ginny go upstairs and get some blankets."

    "Yes dad." she said and took off up the stairs.

    "Mum, dad whats happening?" Ron asked still staring out the window. Mrs. Weasley handed the chocolate to Mr. Weasley and went to look out the window.

    "Its surrounding the house." he said as she came to the window.

    "We need to get him to St.-" Arthur said and stopped at a scream from Petunia who was pointing at the fireplace. Everyone looked and saw Remus Lupin's head in the fire.

    "Molly is Harry there? Hedwig is here and she is very upset about something." he paused as he saw Mrs. Weasley come running over to the fire, "Molly what is it?"

    "Remus we've just had some dementors attack Harry and his Aunt and-" she started.

    "Harry's patronus charged him threw him back inside the house and now he's not responding to anything." Arthur yelled from across the room still sitting with Harry on the floor.

    "And there's some kind of bubble all around the house." Ginny said coming back downstairs with several blankets and pillows.

    "Okay everyone, I am going to get some members together and we will be right there." Lupin said.

    "You'd better use floo-powder Ron said standing by the kitchen door and trying to open it. "Its stuck."

    "Bring a healer with you." Arthur yelled.

    "Hurry." Mrs. Weasley finished and then Lupin's head disappeared from the fireplace.
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    My Book 7 Story-(Written before books 6 & 7 were released.) Empty Re: My Book 7 Story-(Written before books 6 & 7 were released.)

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    CHAPTER 11

    "Flu powder whats that?" Dudley asked.

    "Thats the stuff we used when came to get Harry and got stuck in your chimney." Ron answered. Ginny was helping Mr. Weasley get Harry bundled up when she noticed something.

    "He doesn't have his glasses. He can't see without them." she said.

    "He must have dropped them when his patronus charged him, Ginny. They're probably in the yard." Arthur said and looked at her face to see tears in her eyes. He knew better than to say anything about them so he just ignored them. Ginny picked Harry's head up and put a pillow underneath it. When she laid it back down onto the pillow he reached up. She took his hand and placed it against her cheek.

    "Don't worry Harry Professor Lupin is coming and hes bringing a healer for you." she said and he smiled then he resumed his mumbling and his hand dropped back onto the blanket. The rest of them waited impatiently for help to come.

    "Do you have a telly here?" Dudley asked into the strained silence.

    "Whats a telly?"Ron asked from by the door.

    "I'll take that as a no then." Dudley said with a large sigh. "What do you do for fun around here then?"

    "We have a radio." Mrs. Weasley said and went over to turn it on but there was nothing but static.

    "This thing must be causing interference." said Ron. She turned it off and walked away from it. A noise from the fireplace and a gasp from Petunia let them all know that someone else was there. It was Professor Mcgonagall.

    "Remus contacted me and told me you had a dementor attack tonight and that you needed a healer. I am now at St. Mungo's and they have asked me to contact you to see what kind of problem so they know which healer to send you." she turned her head to the side and listened to someone on her end. "Yes thats a good idea." she turned back to the front. "Could you bring Mr. Potter to the fireplace so a healer can see him?" she asked.

    "Certainly." Mrs. Weasley answered. "Arthur, Ron bring Harry over here." They picked him up and when they brought to the fireplace she had gone and there was a man's head there.

    "I am healer Thomas. Please lay him down right there." he motioned with his head. "Alright lets see what we've got." after a few seconds of looking he said "Whats his name?"

    "Harry. Harry Potter." said Mr. Weasley.

    "Harry Potter?" Thomas said his eyes widening. "Harry can you hear me?" Harry didn't respond. "Shine a light in his eyes and tell me what his pupils do." Arthur pulled out his wand and the tip lit up. He held it by Harry's eyes and looked.

    "The pupils are getting smaller." he said.

    "Thats a good sign. Does he show any reaction to any one in the room.

    "He touched my face and smiled at me." said Ginny.

    "Okay thats another good sign." Thomas watched him for a minute. "Can anyone tell me what he is saying? I can see his lips moving but I can't hear him."

    "None of us can understand him." said Petunia.

    "Does anybody know what happened to him? Besides the dementors anyway." Thomas asked. Arthur told him what he had seen. "Three stunners just bounced off him?"

    "Thats what I saw." Arthur said.

    "And there is some kind of bubble around your house?" Thomas asked.

    "Yes. I don't know if you can see it through the window." Ron said pointing to the window. Thomas turned his head. "Yes I see something. Well it sounds to me like he has a very strong means of protection right now. I don't know if I will be able to help but let me get my bag and I will be right there." He disappeared and the fireplace went dark.

    Outside in the yard Fred and George Weasley apparated in.

    "What the-?" Fred said seeing his house glowing and a stag patronus on the roof. George stared open mouthed.

    "Look whats that." Fred said now pointing to the ground at what looked like a glowing wand. They walked closer. "Its someone's wand." he said.

    "I wonder if its Harry's wand. Thats a stag and he produces a stag patr-" George started but stopped as they both heard hooves coming at them. Both of them turned and faced the stag who was now almost on top of them. It lowered its horns and prodded at Fred who yelped and backed away from the wand.

    "Whats it doing?" he asked George in a panick. "We aren't dementors."

    "How should I know just back away thats what it wants us to do I think." George answered. They kept backing away and George heard a crunch. He looked down and found Harry's glasses on the grass. He bent and picked them up while keeping an eye on the stag who stood watching them.

    "This can't be good." he said and showed the glasses to Fred. Both of them started to run towards the house and when they got there they figured out they couldn't get in. The hooves came up behind them again but this time at a walk. They turned and faced the stag. It looked them over for a minute then it bowed and the kitchen door swung open. Not taking a chance they rushed inside and the door slammed shut behind them.
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    CHAPTER 12

    "Fred, George!" Mrs. Weasley said rushing over to them and hugging them.

    "Whats going on?" Fred asked.

    "Are you hurt?" Mrs. Weasley asked them as Ron asked, "How'd you get in?"

    "QUIET!!" Arthur yelled over them all. Everyone shut up looked over at him. He was now talking to Lupin in the fireplace.

    "We have tried to get through using floo powder. It didn't work obviously. It kicked us right back where we were." Lupin said to Arthur.

    "How'd you get in?" Ron repeated in a whisper to the twins.

    "We apparated into the yard and then were almost killed by what I can only assume is Harry's patronus." Fred whispered back.

    "Speaking of Harry, here's his glasses." George said pulling them out of his robe pocket. They were very broken after being stepped on so George pulled out his wand and tapped them whispering, "Reparo." They became good as new. Ginny who had come over by that point to greet her brothers saw the glasses.

    "Oh good you found them. Here I'll give them back." George handed them to her and she went and put them on Harry. Lupin still talking to Arthur saw her do this.

    "I thought you said his glasses were outside how did you get them?" he asked her.

    Arthur turned to look at her as she said, "Fred and George found them and brought them when they came inside." she said.

    "How did they get in?" Lupin asked. "Maybe we can get in the same way."

    "Fred, George come here please." Arthur called. The twins and Ron stopped their whispered conversation and the twins walked over to the fireplace.

    "Hello Professor Lupin." they both said.

    "Hello boys. I was wondering how you got inside. We have tried to come using floo powder but were unable to get through." Lupin said. The twins told him how they had gotten through as Arthur and Ginny listened in.

    "Well I guess we can give it a try." Lupin said after they had finished. "I will grab a healer and be right there."

    "Okay." they all said and the fireplace went dark. The twins turned around and thats when they spotted the Dursley family being soothed by their mother.

    "What are they doing here?" George asked. Fred just grinned evilly at his twin.

    "Don't even think about it boys they have been through enough today." Arthur said seeing the look on their faces. Then he told them in whispers what happened so the Dursleys couldn't hear them. Outside two faint pops were heard. Ron dashed over to the window and looked out.

    "Drat! I can't see anything." he complained. As soon as he finished saying this he heard the sound of hooves charging down the side of the house. The sound died out as it reached the grass. Faint yells from out in the yard followed. Ron tried desperately to see through the window cupping his hands against the glass. It sounded like they were getting closer. Now he could make out what the person was yelling.

    "You've got to let him come too! Harry is sick and he is a healer! No! Don't do that! Stop it!. Alright I'm going. Kingsley take him and go back to St. Mungos!" Ron now recognized it as Lupin's voice. Then the yelling stopped. "What are you doing?" Lupin said and Ron realized he must be right outside. The kitchen door swung open and he saw Lupin standing there facing out into the yard. "Please its very important." Lupin tried one more time. He jumped backwards as if dodging something and then turned around and walked into the kitchen.

    "It wouldn't let the healer in with me." he said trying to compose himself.

    "Did Remus and the healer make it in?" Professor Mcgonagall asked from the fireplace. Lupin walked over to her.

    "Lupin did but the healer couldn't get through." Ginny said as he was coming toward her.

    "It was definitely checking us out." he said kneeling down by Harry and Ginny and touching Harry's arm. "It separated me from healer Thomas and then herded me into the house."

    "Hmmm. Thats interesting." Professor Mcgonagall said thoughtfully.

    "What are you thinking Minerva?" he asked.

    "I am thinking of trying a different healer. Give me a few minutes to get her to you." she said and disappeared from the fire which went dark again.

    "I hope whatever she is planning works." Ginny said looking down at Harry who was still the same. She really wished the shivering would stop although the mumbling wasn't so bad. A few minutes later two pops sounded out in the yard. This time they could all hear the hooves charging down the side of the house. Ron went back to the window expecting to hear another yell. He was surprised when the kitchen door swung open and Madame Pomfrey came striding in with Tonks. The door slammed shut behind them.

    "Where is he?" Madame Pomfrey asked immediately and Ron pointed to the fireplace. She went around the table. "Why is he on the floor?" she asked.

    "Because healer Thomas asked to look at him." Arthur answered her.

    "Well lets get him into bed." she said.

    "Alright, boys will you help me?" he said to the twins. They all got together and took Harry upstairs. As they left the kitchen, Professor Mcgonagall popped back into the fire.

    "Did they make it inside this time?" she asked.

    "Yes we made it." Tonks said from across the kitchen. "How did you know the stag would let us by?"

    "Well, I wasn't sure but I had a feeling it would let anyone that Harry knows and trusts inside. Once it let Lupin in I figured it was worth a try. If you need me I will be here at Hogwarts." she finished.

    "Thank you so much Minerva." said Mrs. Weasley.

    "You're welcome and I hope it ends soon." she said and disappeared from the fireplace.

    Upstairs they had gotten Harry settled into his bed and Madame Pomfrey was looking at his eyes with her wand when Ginny came in.

    "Is he going to be alright Madame Pomfrey?" she asked.

    "I have never seen this before so I can only hope. Arthur tell me what the patronus did to him maybe that will help." she said.

    "They didn't tell you?" he asked. "Well, when I was going to run out and help him I saw three stunners hit him and bounce right off. It was then that the stag which had been attacking dementors turned and charged him. I saw it gore him with its horns. He yelled when that happened so it must have hurt badly and then it picked him up and ran with him on its horns then it threw him to me so that we both landed inside the kitchen." he rubbed the back of his neck to try and relieve some of the strain he was feeling.

    "It gored him?" she looked shocked and started lifting Harry's shirt. "Would you help me please?" she asked nodding to Harry. Arthur came over and pulled him into a sitting position by his shoulders. Madame Pomfrey pulled his shirt off and everyone gasped at the silver marks on his chest and back. She dropped his shirt on the bed and Ginny grabbed it and held it up to the light.

    "But there aren't any holes in it." she said.

    "What?" Arthur asked not really paying attention to her as they were laying him back down on the bed.

    "She said there's no holes in Harry's shirt, dad." Fred said.

    "How can that be though look at the wounds on his chest and back?" George said. At that point Madame Pomfrey reached out and touched one of the wounds on his chest.

    "OUCH!" she pulled her hand away and started rubbing it. "Don't touch them. It shocked me! The only other thing I can do is give him a sleeping potion and see if that helps."

    "I tried to give him chocolate earlier but I didn't want to choke him. Hes not responding to any of us." Arthur said.

    "I think this is something entirely new. I don't know if chocolate would have helped." Madame Pomfrey said trying to make him feel better. She went over to her bag and started digging through it. Fred walked over to the window and looked out.

    "This is so weird." Fred said trying to look past the glowing bubble.

    "Is it because of the Dursleys? George asked, "I mean this didn't happen until they came."

    "As far as we know this has never happened so don't you go telling them its their fault you two. Lets go downstairs and leave Madame Pomfrey with her patient." Arthur said. As they left the room their voices carried back into the room.

    "Thats a good one dad, you sounded just like mum there." Fred said.

    "I did? I guess I did." and they all laughed. Ginny, still in the room with Madame Pomfrey, smiled and chuckled too.

    "Alright lets give this a shot." Madame Pomfrey said going back over to Harry's bed with a flask. She picked up his head but when she tried to give the potion to him he kept turning his head away and mumbling. After watching this happen for a few tries Ginny touched Madame Pomfrey's arm.

    "Let me try." Madame Pomfrey handed her the flask and she went and held Harry's head and tried to put the flask to his lips. He turned his head away from the flask then put it back to look up at her. "Harry you have to drink this." she said and tried again. He reached up and grasped her wrist but wouldn't let her put it to his lips. "Harry, its over they're gone. This has gone on long enough."

    "What are you talking about Ginny?" said George coming back into the room with some pumpkin juice for Madame Pomfrey and Ginny. She looked up at George. "Haven't you figured it out yet? Harrys controlling the patronus."

    "Are you nuts? Harry can't even communicate with us right now how is he supposed to be controlling his patronus?" he said setting the juice down on Ron's desk.

    "I don't think he understands that he is the one controlling it." she said.

    "How do you know this?" Madame Pomfrey asked.

    "When Professor Lupin came in Harry stopped shivering and his mumbling increased. I didn't know what it was but then when you two came in it happened again and then I figured it out that he was checking you three out. He is using some kind of spell on it and using it to watch for enemies." Ginny explained.

    "How could he know a spell that complex?" Madame Pomfrey asked.

    "I don't think he even knows he knows it." Ginny said. She looked back down at Harry as she said this and saw he was watching her. "Drink this and rest, Harry." she said, "The order is here and watching out for us now." Harry took the flask from her and drank it down. He handed it back to her and fell asleep. Ginny took his glasses off and put them on the bedside table, then she got up off the bed and left the room without saying a word to George or Madame Pomfrey.
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    CHAPTER 13

    They watched her leave in silence.

    "Have you eaten dinner yet Madame Pomfrey because if not mum said to tell you dinner is ready?" George said once she had gone.

    "Yes, I ate before I came here." she answered. "But since you're going back downstairs please tell everyone that after they eat I want them all to get some sleep."

    "Of course. If you need anything just yell. And goodnight." he said and walked out of the room and apparated into the kitchen causing everyone to jump. "Sorry." he said and walked over to his mother. "Mum, Madame Pomfrey wanted me to tell you that after everyone eats they are to get some sleep."

    "Okay, is Ginny still up there with them?" she asked.

    "No. I think she is in her room. She seemed very upset when she left." he answered.

    "Alright I am going up to talk to her." she said making up a plate of food. "Will you get everyone started while I am gone?"

    "Sure." he answered and she went upstairs. When she got outside Ginny's door she heard her crying inside. She knocked gently on the door.

    "Who is it?" Ginny asked through the door.

    "Ginny, honey, I have your dinner." Mrs. Weasley called from the hallway.

    "Come in." Ginny said. Mrs. Weasley opened the door and walked into the room to find Ginny sitting up on her bed trying to wipe tears off her face. She walked over to the desk and sat the food down and then went to sit on the bed with Ginny and gave her a hug.

    "Its silly mum. I'm just worried thats all." Ginny said giving her a watery smile.

    "And its perfectly understandable." Mrs. Weasley answered. They both listened as the stag pranced across the roof. Then it came closer.

    "What is it doing?" Mrs. Weasley asked.

    "I don't kn-" Ginny started but stopped as her window slid open and Hedwig flew in and then towards her. "Hedwig!" she said smiling and reaching for the note attached to her leg. As she started to unfurl the note she felt her mother stiffen beside her.

    "Oh please don't do anything." Mrs. Weasley said and Ginny looked up to see the stag in her room. Mrs. Weasley put her hand over her mouth as it walked past her and stopped in front of Ginny. It stood there for a second looking at her and then took another step forward so that it was practically on top of her. Ginny reached up her hand ignoring the cry that her mother let out and gently touched the face of it. She was amazed at how it felt. Solid but not.

    "What is it?" she asked. "Is something wrong?" It started to shimmer and fade and then it reached up and licked a tear off her face. Then it totally disappeared. Mrs. Weasley sobbed with relief that her daughter hadn't been hurt. Ginny sat there for a moment in silence and then she turned to her mother.

    "I guess he couldn't hold it anymore." she said.

    "Who?" Mrs. Weasley asked.

    "Harry. Hes been controlling it this whole time." Ginny answered.

    "But how, I mean I don't understand." Mrs. Weasley said.

    "I don't know how. I just feel thats what has been happening." Ginny said noticing something different. It was getting darker now. She walked to the window and looked out. She could now see the yard and the sky. "Its going away mum." she said and Mrs. Weasley came to the window. Together they watched the bubble slowly disappearing down the house. It reached the ground and disappeared fully with a large pop. They heard a smattering of screams from all over the kitchen and up in Ron's room. Then they heard footsteps running up the stairs. Ginny's door flew open and they both turned to see Lupin panting behind them.

    "Are you alright?" he asked.

    "We're fine Professor Lupin. Harry just couldn't control it anymore. It was draining him too much." Ginny said.

    "George told me that you thought he was controlling it." Lupin said and sagged against the door still panting.

    "Everything's fine, Remus. Why don't you tell everyone that after they eat they need to go to bed for me." Mrs. Weasley said backing him out of the room. She turned and looked at her daughter who was now looking out the window again. Ginny reached up and touched her face where the stag had licked her tear away. Mrs. Weasley smiled and said goodnight and left the room closing the door behind her. Through the closed door she heard. "Goodnight mum, goodnight Harry."
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    CHAPTER 14

    Harry opened his eyes and stretched. He realized something odd at that point. He reached over for his glasses as Madame Pomfrey came into the room.

    "I figured you would be hungry when you woke up," she said with a smile. Of course she was one fuzzy blur, so Harry put his glasses on. Then he looked down at his bare chest.

    "Um, why don't I have a shirt on?"

    "Because I was tending to your wounds and it makes it more difficult to have to take a shirt off every two hours to check them," she answered.

    "Wounds?" He looked down and didn't see anything at first, then he noticed a silver sheen to different areas of his chest. She set the tray down on Ron's desk and walked over to him.

    "Sit up so I can see your back, please." Harry sat up for her. As Madame Pomfrey looked at his back, he craned his head around to try and see too. A chorus of laughter floated in through the open window.

    "Well, it looks the same as your chest so after you eat breakfast you are free to go do whatever."

    "Thanks Madame Pomfrey, what happened?"

    "According to Arthur Weasley, your patronus charged you and actually picked you up and carried you back into the kitchen. When I got here you were not cognizent at all and had these wounds, which have faded considerably," she said now handing him a clean shirt. He pulled it on as another chorus of laughs filled the yard. She watched him turn his head toward the window.

    "Oh, alright you can go look but no playing until after breakfast."

    "Thanks," he gave her a huge smile and jumped out of the bed and ran to the window to see what he was missing. He couldn't believe his eyes. The twins were trying to show Dudley how to ride a broom. Ron and Ginny were hovering nearby with big smiles on their faces.

    "Dudley, what is he doing here?"

    "He got here yesterday afternoon, Harry don't you remember dear?," Mrs. Weasley asked as she came in the room with some clean laundry. Harry shook his head and walked back to the bed. "The last thing I remember is the party you guys gave me."

    "Its most likely temporary, Molly," said Madame Pomfrey looking at Mrs. Weasley's face.

    "But thats two d-" she said shutting her mouth with a snap as Madame Pomfrey looked at her and shook her head.

    "Here, Harry eat and then you can go." Harry took the tray from Madame Pomfrey, but watched Mrs. Weasley who now busied herself putting the clothing away.

    "Where's Hermione? I didn't see her down there."

    "She left the day after your party to go home with her parents. She should be coming back either today or tomorrow. Ginny got a note from her last night, but I don't know what it said." Mrs. Weasley said finishing with the clothing and coming back over to him. She put her hand under his chin and lifted his head. "Thank you." Her eyes filled with tears and she rushed out of the room.

    "For what?" Harry looked up at Madame Pomfrey.

    "I wasn't here for the beginning, so I will let Ron tell you. I know he will anyway."

    "Okay," he said and began to eat his breakfast. When he finished, he looked at her for permission. She smiled and took the tray leaving him to get dressed. He flung the covers back and changed quickly. From the sound of laughter and yells through breakfast, he knew he was missing something good. He ran down the stairs and into the kitchen to find Mrs. Weasley, his aunt and uncle sitting at the table with cups of coffee. He ground to a halt.

    "When did you get here?"

    "Yesterday, Harry, with Dudley." Mrs. Weasley said, "Go on outside, they're waiting for you." Harry looked at his aunt and uncle who had perplexed looks on their faces and ran out the door.

    "Harry, feeling better?"

    Harry looked up at Ron who was now floating above him right next to Dudley who looked half-scared.

    "Come on," Ginny called from Dudley's other side. "We're teaching Dudley how to fly."

    "Here, Harry." Harry jumped as a broom lowered right in front of his face. He turned his head to see Fred and George floating behind him, holding his broom out.

    "Why are we teaching him to fly? He can't do it when he goes home," Harry said reaching for the broom. Fred and George looked at each other.

    "Yes he can, Harry," said Fred.

    "Are you nuts? Muggles aren't allowed to see us flying on brooms so I don't see how he can use it on Privet Drive."

    "Harry, they can't go back to Privet Drive anymore," George said, "Come on lets go talk to Ron and Ginny and we'll get this straightened out."

    "Okay." Harry mounted his broom and they rode up to the others.

    "Harry, this is so cool," Dudley said smiling at him.
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    CHAPTER 15

    "I'm glad you like it, Dudley. What are you doing here?" Everyone was now staring at Harry openmouthed.

    "ITS YOUR FAULT THAT I AM HERE, HARRY POTTER!" Dudley was turning as red as his father.

    "How is it my fault?," Harry asked as Madame Pomfrey stuck her head out Ron's window.

    "You, boy, come over here!" she yelled and they all turned to look at her. Dudley realized that she was talking to him. He started to lower the broom as they had shown him. "Never mind that, just fly over here," she said. He carefully aimed the broom at the window stopping it against the wall with his feet. They proceeded to have a fiercly whispered conversation. When they were done, Dudley aimed the broom back towards Harry. His face was still red, but now it was from embarrassment.

    "Sorry, Harry," he mumbled.

    "I still don't know why you're here, Dudley"

    "She just told me that you had a memory loss. She thinks its two days time," Dudley said still with the hangdog look on his face.

    "Two days? But so much can happen in two days time," Harry exclaimed.

    "A lot did happen, well not so much the day before yesterday, but yesterday was very busy," Ron said. Harry looked at him with a hurt expression. Ginny flew over to Ron's window and after another quiet conversation with Madame Pomfrey she came back over with a rolled up parchment.

    "Here. This may help explain stuff." She handed the parchment to him.

    "What is it?" Harry took the parchment and unrolled it. Nobody answered as he read the note he had gotten the day before.

    "Dudley, I-," Harry started.

    "Its alright, don't worry about it," Dudley interrupted him.

    "How did you get away?" Harry asked. They floated in a weird looking circle as Dudley explained what had happened to them. Fred and George were getting their first personal explanation and listened enraptured as Dudley spoke of the death eaters and how the whole house had exploded. When he finished, they all landed and went inside. Harry was feeling very lost at this point. Two days. How had he lost two whole days. He watched his aunt and uncle as he walked past them. He motioned his head to Ron and together they went upstairs to Ginny's room to talk.

    "What are they doing here, really?" Harry asked as he shut the door behind them.

    "Harry, what Dudley told you is the truth. I don't know what else to tell you," Ron answered.

    "You can start by telling me what happened yesterday," Harry said.

    "Fine. According to my dad-" Ron told him everything that had happened. Harry sat down hard on Ginny's bed when Ron told him about the patronus goring him. When they finished, Harry and Ron headed upstairs to his room. Harry took the letter that he had received and put it in his trunk. Hedwig hooted gently from a corner.

    "Hi, Hedwig," Harry said and went over to pet her. They were up there for a couple of hours and then they went back downstairs for lunch. When they got back down to the kitchen they found everyone sitting in various places around the kitchen table. Ron went and sat down, but Harry remained standing there. When Ron looked over at him he looked really puzzled. He walked over and sat next to Ron and then looked at the Dursleys.

    "What are you doing here?" he asked them. Madame Pomfrey stood up and walked over to the fireplace.

    "Harry, come with me please," she said. Harry looked at Ron who was staring at him strangely, then got up and walked over to the fireplace by her.

    "Where are we going?" he asked. Madame Pomfrey turned to look at Mrs. Weasley who pointed to a flowerpot sitting by the fireplace. She grabbed a handful of floo powder and handed the pot to Harry who took a handful himself.

    "St. Mungo's," she said and pushed him inside the fireplace gently. He threw the floo powder down and said "St. Mungo's" and disappered. She followed him leaving the kitchen full of people behind.

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