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    Michelle's Stories (Warning:Sexually Explicit Material Enclosed) Empty Michelle's Stories (Warning:Sexually Explicit Material Enclosed)

    Post by jimmieness on Thu Mar 19, 2009 11:28 pm

    Fur-the Collection

    I was lying on the alpaca fur rug in front of the fireplace totally naked and luxuriating in the feel of the fur against my bare skin. In my hands I had the rabbit fur muff John had bought me for Christmas. I grinned and ran the fur over my breasts and tummy daydreaming of him doing it instead. The door opened and a gust of cold air coursed through the house causing me to goosepimple up. I peered toward the hall and grinned as I saw his reaction.

    John stood there, dumbfounded and his briefcase clattered to the floor as his jaw hung open.

    I giggled and spread my legs wide in open invitation.

    He shut the door quickly and rushed forward, stripping as he moved. He kneeled down kissing my breasts and lay down beside me taking my lips with his.

    I gasped as the alarm went off and woke to find myself in the plain bedroom that I’d had for the last five years. I was all tingly and cursed the alarm clock that had stopped the dream I’d been having. Forcing myself out of bed, I began getting ready for work. The dream played itself over and over in my head as I showered, dressed, ate breakfast and made myself lunch to take with me. A sigh echoed in the tiny kitchen. I had no fireplace, no alpaca fur rug and no John either. As you can guess, I do a lot of fantasizing on things I don’t have.

    The drive to work was the same as normal. Fighting the traffic by switching lane to lane and singing full volume to the ballads pouring out of my speakers is the norm for me. My car is the one place I truly allow myself to be somewhat free, staying inside the law of course. At home the walls are too thin for me to listen to my music, much less sing along. Crabby neighbors and a landlord from hell make sure I follow the rules.

    The familiar dream of what life would be like as a trucker came and went quickly as I switched from the 405 to the 710 freeway and had to brake to merge into the truck lane. It’s not an official truck lane, but might as well be. The man in the big rig waved me in and I waved back then signaled and got into the middle lane as soon as possible.

    It took less than five minutes to get from there to the parking structure at work, but I cursed as I went up and around and didn’t spot any parking spots. Turning around I drove back out, heading for the extra parking across the street. What kind of employer doesn’t give enough parking for their employees? Mine, I guess. I parked in the extra lot, clubbed and locked my car and got out grabbing my purse. I began walking toward the building, my heels clicking on the sidewalk.

    A screech of tires made me jump and turn to face the street then back hurriedly away as a van stopped next to me. A fence enclosing the lot stopped my getaway and I screamed as I was grabbed by two men in ski masks. My purse fell to the sidewalk and I was pulled into the dark van. I felt a needle jab into my arm and a warmth pass through me and then nothing.

    I don’t know how much time passed before I felt the patting on my cheek and heard voices in a language I didn’t know. I groaned and turned my head away from the patting hand. I had a killer headache and didn’t want to be touched just then. The hand followed and patted again then pulled away and a cloth with warm water began washing my face. I pried my eyes open and slowly a young boy of no more than nine years old was smiling down at me.

    I tried to sit up, but he shook his head and warned me in that strange language against what my body was already informing me. It told me that I was nowhere near being able to rise yet. He picked up a cup and brought it to my lips with one hand while the other hand put his forefinger and thumb a little apart. My brain understood this to mean to go slowly and I sipped the hot liquid. It turned out to be one of the strongest coffees I’d ever tasted and I choked.

    He laughed a musical laugh and helped me half sit up then allowed me to sip again. By the time I had finished the coffee, I was sitting up against a wall and had a coffee buzz like I’d never experienced. I looked down at the silk gown I was in now and the rings and bracelets adorning my hands. I stretched my legs out and saw anklets and toe rings and every drop was gold or pearls. No silver jewels allowed I guess.

    He patted my hand and got up then brought me a mirror. My eyes widened as I saw the emerald green silk covering my auburn hair and fancy clips holding it in place. Okay, maybe this was another dream? He chattered to me in his language going on for a couple of moments. I shook my head side to side saying I didn’t understand him. Finally he put his hand to his chest.


    That I understood. I put my hand to my chest. “Beverly.” Sajid sounded like a name I would associate with India. The silk and jewelry made sense if this was so, but how was it that I had been brought here? The better question besides why was when was I going home?

    A door opened and I gasped and backed up further against the wall as a leopard padded in. My heart thudded in my chest and I forced my eyes up to see the man accompanying the magnificent creature. He must have been over six foot but because I was sitting I wasn’t in a good position to judge actual height. His clothes portrayed him to be a very rich person. Clothes don't make a person a ruler, but his very presence screamed it. He stopped in front of me and stared down, his feet an inch from mine. The leopard sat as he stopped walking, but it sniffed the air taking in my scent. My eyes lowered to the big cat as if working on their own. I was sure it could hear my heart beating. One lunge and I would be dead.

    The boy looked up and smiled hugely. “Beverly,” he said gesturing to me. He got up and went to the leopard hugging it around the neck and giggling as it licked his cheek with its sandpaper tongue.

    “Beverly,” the man said as if discovering the answer to a question that had been bugging him for a few days. He nodded and smiled at me and in his smile I could see the resemblance between him and the boy. He must have been Sajid’s father. He held his hand out to me. “Welcome home.”

    “H-home?” I swallowed hard. Against my better instincts, I took his hand.

    He pulled me to my feet and steadied me as I rocked in his arms. The leopard got to its feet and Sajid climbed on its back. He walked me from the room with the leopard and Sajid going in front of us.

    “You will have everything you have ever wanted,” he promised as we moved slowly. He matched his steps to my uneven swaying. “Is it such a bad thing?”

    “I, no, it’s a gorgeous place. But, I have a job and an apartment. I just can’t leave them.”

    “Why not? You have no family, no pets, a job that could care less about you. What do you have to gain by struggling just to survive there? Stay with me and you will be happy, this I swear.”

    “I don’t even know your name.” The words were a cover as my mind raced. He knew so much about me. How could he possibly know so much about how I felt? Every word he said was true about my past. Could his words of my future be just as true? “What is it you want from me?”
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    Post by jimmieness on Thu Mar 19, 2009 11:28 pm

    Fur-the Collection Pt 2

    “Just you as you are, that is all I want.”

    His answer surprised me, but I had trouble focusing on a response right then because my legs betrayed me and I would have sunk to the floor if he hadn’t had his arm around me. He lifted me effortlessly into his arms even though I was overweight by at least 40 pounds.

    I laid my head against his chest watching the hallway pass by as he sped up to his normal step. “What is your name?” I asked against his chest.

    “Khalil,” he said softly. “But you know me, Beverly, as John.” He turned into a room that it took me a moment to see because of my shock.

    “John?” It was a whimper. Now I understood why he knew so much about me. He’d been freely given my picture, listened to my complaints about my job and knew the days I worked because I’d told him online. Of course, I thought it was someone else entirely. I flashed through our conversations online. He had seemed like such a nice guy, always supporting me.

    “Do you like it?” He stopped walking as he stood in the middle of the room.

    I forced my shock away to look at the room. My eyes took in the fireplace with the marble mantelpiece lined with deep purple candles. An alpaca rug lay in front of it with golden silk pillows for two and in the corner was a bed to die for. A huge four poster bed made of what looked like mahogany. The canopy matched the candles and had golden silk tassles hanging off the side. The coverlet looked to be pure gold and as he walked closer to it, I could see handwoven designs embedded in it.

    “It’s wonderful.” I wanted to follow that with, ‘When can I go home?’ or ‘How long are you keeping me here?’ but the words just wouldn’t come. I didn’t want to go back to my dreary life.

    I heard Sajid giggle and craned my head around to find the leopard had gathered part of the alpaca rug in its mouth and was kneading at it with its paws, looking like a mutant housecat. I couldn’t help joining in the giggle.

    John…Khalil spoke quickly and the leopard dropped the rug then came over by our side as Khalil sat down on the bed and held me in his lap.

    “Beverly, this is Raja. Go ahead, he won’t hurt you.”

    I looked into his eyes and saw there what I’d been hoping to see. He cared about me. He had just come and “rescued” me if you will. Rescued me from a life spent alone and now he was allowing me to do things I’d only ever dreamed of. I reached out and touched Raja’s head, my hand shaking. I watched the leopard’s eyes ready to pull away if I thought it was dangerous, but all I saw was a slow half closing of them. He really did act like a huge housecat.

    “He’s wonderful, John.” I had only dreamed of petting a big cat before this day.

    Khalil laughed once. “I will be John for you unless we are in public, then you must call me Khalil.”

    “No, I will start calling you Khalil, Khalil.” I gave him a sheepish grin. “Now, what am I supposed to do here?”

    He looked confused at my question.

    Raja licked my hand that had stilled as I talked to Khalil and nudged it wanting more attention.

    “What are you expecting me to do to earn my keep?” I prompted Khalil.

    He surprised me by stroking my face, but murmuring words I didn’t understand. Sajid rose from where he was sitting and patted his leg. Raja joined him and they left the room, the door closing behind them.

    “You are only to be you as I said before.” Khalil lowered his mouth to mine. My heart pounded as our lips met, his working wonders I had never felt before. His hand stroked my back then rose up going beneath the veil covering my hair and the fingers twining in it.

    I wrapped my arms around his neck enjoying these very real sensations coursing through my body. If they were only a dream, I never wanted to wake. I felt him brushing my nipple and realized I didn’t have a bra on under the silky garment. Instantly it stood to attention and I had to bite back a moan as the feelings coursed down to my nether regions.

    He knew the garment better than I did because in seconds he’d slid his hand inside and I could feel his skin against mine. He pinched the nipple lightly with his fingers before moving to the other and doing the same all while bathing my lips with the fire of his kisses.

    I moaned as I felt his need rising suddenly beneath me as I sat in his lap. Tracing my fingers on the nape of his neck with one hand, I lowered the other to his cheek.

    He rose and moved with me to the rug, laying me down and slowly began removing the outfit in between kisses.

    I knew now what my pay would be. I was a sex slave. I’d read stories of this happening, but never thought it would be me. Slave somehow didn’t seem to be the right word for what was happening. Except for the kidnapping part, he’d treated me like a princess so far and was making sure to excite me and not force himself on me. I shivered as the outfit was fully removed and suddenly there I was on the alpaca fur rug with my John, just as I had dreamed however many days ago it had been.

    Khalil covered every inch of my body with kisses, nips and licks until I was a trembling mass of jelly in his hands and I was desperate for him. I pulled at his clothing and he grinned as he disrobed. He moved over me and my legs spread almost of their own accord, begging soundlessly for his entry. Slowly he moved inside me, giving me time to adjust for his girth. It was time I wasn’t willing to give and pushed my hips up driving him further inside. As he filled me, we both moaned in unison. He lowered his head suckling my nipples as he pulled out and thrust deeply inside me again and again.

    I was torn between holding him and holding the rug that was rubbing against my back and bare bottom and wound up with one hand clenched in the rug while the other was clamped around his back. Moans escaped me with every thrust of his hips until the pressure had me soaring over the edge and the moan turned to a scream of pleasure.

    He filled me with his seed a moment later, panting hard and let go of my nipple, bringing his lips to mine again. “Welcome home.”

    “I’m never leaving.”

    He finally pulled out of me after bathing me with kisses. “I thought you would feel that way. Rest, dinner is going to be ready soon. You may meet the others then. If you need anything there is a bell by the door. Clothing is ready for you in the closet.”


    “You are fur, my little one. I have a collection, but each of you are priceless and I believe you will all get along.”

    “What in the world are you talking about?”

    “You’ll see at dinner, rest now.” He patted me and walked out leaving me lying on the rug by the fire. I did rest after bathing and was woken by the soft tinkling of a bell. The door opened to show Sajid there with Raja.

    “Beverly.” He sounded proud to be able to pronounce the name and gestured for me to follow. We moved down the hallway and other women came out from the doors lining the hallway. Each of them had on outfits I had woken in and were adorned with jewelry as I had been. We worked our way to a large room at the end of the hallway where soft music was playing.

    “You must be new.” A woman about five years older than me said softly as she walked by my side. “You are fur?”

    “So I’ve been told. And you are?” I asked. We were sat down on large silk cushions and given food and drink.

    “I’m Diane, also referred to as silk and his mother.” She gestured to Sajid who came over and sat next to her after kissing her cheek. “I’m the first of his collection. You are the last. He’s promised me he won’t start one for gemstones, but is allowing his brother that right.”

    I looked around at the table full of women of all different backgrounds. “So, everyone is a different material?”

    A group of children was led into the room, each going to their respective mothers and kissing them. My question was forgotten as I put a hand over my stomach. I hadn’t used any protection with him and I never took birth control because I didn’t date. Could I possibly be carrying his child already?

    Servant girls came into the room with those children too young to walk and handed them to their mothers. I watched as one woman bared a breast and put her infant daughter to feed. My eyes moved to Khalil and saw him watching this as well. He had a look of pure love on his face and I realized that even though he had many women here, each was special for him in their own way.

    After everyone was situated he rose and gestured to me. “This is Beverly, she completes our little collection.” He repeated the words in at least two other languages, each time I only understood the word Beverly.

    I couldn’t help but smile proudly as they all turned to look my way, greeting me in different fashions and I knew I could be happy here. I looked forward to the day when I would come into dinner and my little one would come up and kiss me, but even more than that, I looked forward to the happiness I saw here.

    Word count: 3,119
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    NICE!!! again jimmie you are talented!

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